Ehron Landers

Owner of Landers Rest and patron of the party.


At 5’5" with graying hair, Landers is not a visually imposing man. He is in good shape and dresses in a general tunic of muted colours. He maintains a calm relaxed composure and almost nothing causes him to worry, the air of confidence leads to a feeling that the man is more than he seems

Half Elf , Brown/black eyes


Not much is known about Landers even though he has been around for over 20 years now. They say he turned up years a go with money to his name and bought out the old tavern that is now “Landers Rest”. When asked why he did so he merely goes on to say “I grew tired of traveling and trading, i have made my money and I need somewhere to grow old” often followed by a shrug.

Over time he has become known in the local area as a trustworthy man and that Landers is solid enough establishment in the area.

Ehron Landers

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