The port city of trade found on the western mouth of the "Red Gap", one of the centers of trade and commerce on the continent and the buffer between the Empire and the Duchies.



 The Throughport began its life on the Bountiful bay long before anyone had managed to conquer the Red Gap. The Bountiful Bay as it became to be known was a large gulf situated on the western side of the Red Gap. Surrounded by verdant land and an unrivaled supply of fish the bay soon attracted settlers, with communities springing up along the north and south banks quickly. 

The northern stretch quickly saw fishing villages cropped up along the shore, two of the most notable being Tarnmore and Barwick. These quickly grew to be the largest of the settlements for the north, quickly becoming known for the quality of the seafood found there, with Barwick becoming a fast favourite with the local "Lord" of the region that would come to be known as Dirwen though it would be some years before such a title was official.

The south saw Ahara, Fairom and Sunai established around a similar time, with Sunai growing to be the biggest and most influential with the most direct path to the heart of Kesh. Eventialy Sunai eveloped Fairom and became the main way Kesh extended it's influence upon the bay.

Peace reigned for the most part between the two sides of the gulf, as time went on, and the Kingdom of Anhalt was raised with the North falling under the rule of Justan Dorian Von  Anhalt and the Empire of Kesh grew to encompass the lands up until the Gap before turning its eyes south. A friendly level of trade grew around the bay, lumber, spices, leathers and silks began to form a steady stream of commerce between the nation's as it was not long until the the trade ports over shadowed the fisheries of the bay.

It was not long until the sailors eyes turned towards the gap proper, a few foolhardy ships had tried to brave it's tides out of foolish bets and ideas of grandeur.


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